Saturday, February 7, 2009

A few more thank yous

I want to take a minute to tell everyone, again, about my awesome friends! Last weekend while I was worrying about Kita and the arrival of Brielle my friends were busy doing good deeds.

First on Saturday my best friend, Lori, came over to help me clean my house. Boy did it need it too! I had baby stuff all over the place! Lori helped me organize the items, get laundry done, dust and vacuum! My house was my own again when she was done! On top of that she spent the day sitting around talking to me. It was just the distraction I needed.

Later that night 4 other friends joined the group. Jennifer, Dan, Shane and Kelly all came over to help pitch in. Shane helped Ben get the chair rail and door trim up in Bri's room. Everyone else painted our upstairs hallway! Wow! With 4 people working on the painting there was no room for me. I sat in awe at the work everyone was doing. Not to mention I kept reminding myself how lucky Ben and I are to have the most awesome friends in the world. We're beyond lucky!

After a hard day of cleaning and painting our group went out for some dinner. We all managed to eat and laugh too much! I personally ate so much that I couldn't sleep! Once I did fall asleep I was out.

I wish I would have got myself out of bed because my friend Erin dropped off a gift for Brielle's room. She made a plaque with Bri's initials. It's beautiful and you'll be seeing it hanging in her room soon.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out. If I missed thanking you on here I apologize. It doesn't mean we don't appreciate what you've done, it just means I have baby brain!

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