Saturday, January 31, 2009

Things are moving along. Won't be too much longer

I've been busy nesting this week. My dad and I have Brielle's room painted. Ben is working on getting the chair rail and door trim up. The carpet will be another week or so before we have money to buy it and have it installed. Today our friends Kelly and Shane are coming over to help with painting our upstairs hall. Lori is coming over to help me with whatever I need done. I've been up since 6:30 this morning getting things in order. I may not have Bri's room completely ready but I'm not going to bring her home to a dirty house. See.....nesting instinct in overdrive! LOL!

I've had cramping on and off for about a week. Yesterday the cramping was pretty steady and I lost my "plug" (sorry if that's TMI). Not to mention the nesting took on a whole new level yesterday. Yes, I don't think Brielle will be waiting too much longer to make her arrival.

Monday we have our final ultrasound. After that the next time we see Bri will be when she makes her big debut. I'm excited, nervous and scared all at once. Of course those feelings pretty much sum up my whole pregnancy.

I took some time last night to spend time with a group of girls from a chat board I'm on. What a great time we had! There was so much yummy food! I drooled over the bottles of wine and the great looking cocktails. Not too much longer until I can indulge.

This entry is pretty choppy. That's how my brain is functioning right now though. Small, short, efficient clip. Gets the job done and you can move on. Later I have to write another post to brag about my awesome friends some more! Until then, be well!


Sara and Randy said...

Wow! Really seems that she'll be here soon! Don't forget about all us cyber-people- we need info (and pics!!) once she's here! =)

Keri said...

I read the first sentence of your post and thought, "Hm... I don't remember seeing her online more than usual this week." And then I realized that you were talking about a different kind of "nesting". ;-)

Christina said...

Ha ha! Ditto to Keri re: 'nesting'! And I wanted to add - DON'T FORGET TO GET SOME REST!!!

Shana said...

LOL! I wondered if some people would get the confused on the nesting! LOL! I can tell you I'd rather be doing the nesting you're talking about. It doesn't make my feet swell!!

Sara we'll be bringing the laptop with us to the hospital so we can let everyone know! :o)

Em said...

She is going to be here soon! Get your rest and spend lots of time with Ben. Just you two.

I can't wait to read your big announcement!